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How to access Webmail

- To get into your webmail you must type in in your browser and you will see the following screen. (See attached document)

- Click on xSP E-POST / E-MAIL and the following screen should appear (See attached document)-

- Enter your email address (for example and your password. If you do not know your password, Please contact your administrator.

- Once signed in, You can change your password If you like. When you have changed your password, The new password will be active for your account no matter where you want to access your mail. Through a computer, tablet or phone.

- You will NOT be prompted to change password. You have to go into settings and change it.

- Once it’s changed in the Web portal it will automatically be synchronized in Outlook, but you may be asked to confirm password in outlook. In this case you will get a window automatically when entering outlook and you just need to enter the new password

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